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What would you do if you found a golden crown? This question plagued Bobby Walker, a seven-year-old boy from Peoria, Arizona, when he found a crown wedged into a crevice on Bell Rock in Sedona, Arizona. He clung to it, excited to take it home as an unusual birthday present. Because of parental intervention, Bobby was forced to leave the crown behind, a decision he couldn’t forget.

Ten years later, a tragedy compels Bobby to head back to Bell Rock, searching for his long lost treasure. He drags his bossy, yet loyal older sister, Nicole, with him as he hunts for the golden crown, the symbol of a fun, but strange birthday trip from his past. Behold—Bobby is reunited with the golden crown, only to realize that it’s more than what it seemed.

Join Bobby and Nicole Walker as they set out on a three book journey filled with action, fighting, and most importantly, adventure!