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Bobby and the Golden Crown
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by Andy McKinney on Bobby and the Golden Crown
Reviewed by Andy McKinney

Young people need interesting, exciting, fun and informative books just as much as grown-ups do. Team authors MItchell Bolnick and Ella Mavis wrote one that teens and tweens will like. This science fiction adventure has mystical Sedona as its prime location-at least the prime location in this dimension. The story has as its inspiration an actual event with the Bolnick family when they found a crown up on the famous Sedona landmark, Bell Rock. Both authors are well experienced and prolific writers in a variety of genres.
I'll let the readers discover the story as they read the book, but it involves an unlikely hero, courage he didn't know he had and very strange events.

The two siblings, Bobby and his slightly older sister Nicole, stand at center stage in the story. The two writers make them seem real to the reader. They bicker more or less constantly, in the way that close siblings often do. The authors no doubt came from well staffed families. The youngsters also have a realistic relationship to their parents. The love love their parents but they still find it necessary to hide their dangerous activities from them.

It seems that the theme of distopian societies dominates the most popular young adult fiction and we find that theme here. But the authors, clever rascals, bring that theme in with such subtlety that we don't know it until far into the story. I liked that. They do not get preachy. They just show that powerful people can do enormous harm while still having the idea that they act for 'the best' for the people under their power.

Readers will want to know what happened to Aunt Meg, who made the crown and why? And who lost the golden crown? Readers of a certain age will enjoy this adventure. It reminded me a bit of the classic Hardy Boys books in the flow of the story.

Bolnick and Mavis, Arizona based writers, will attend the Payson Book Festival in July. Readers can get this book at Each copy ordered will be author inscribed.

by Meghan Uhl on Bobby and the Golden Crown
Awesome book

I had planned to read a few pages in between chores on a weekend ...chores did not get touched, I was totally captured by this book! Great story and characters you connect with. Cant wait for the 2nd one, I gotta know what Nicole found!

by Todd Tamcsin on Bobby and the Golden Crown
Great Read

This is a fun and quick read - perfect for "tweeners" - but I really liked it as well.