About the Authors

Mitchell Bolnick

Mitchell "Mitch" Bolnick and his family are the inspiration for Bobby and the Golden Crown. He and his family discovered a golden crown while hiking on Bell Rock in Sedona, Arizona in early 2000. This incredible discovery led to the inception of the book, and the famous "Found: Hunt for the Owner of the Golden Crown".  Mitch has previously authored numerous business books as well books on mentoring and coaching.  He enjoys hiking and the great outdoors. This is his first novel.  Learn more about Mitch from his recent radio interview on Soundcloud.

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Ella Mavis 

Ella Mavis has been writing fiction and non-fiction books since 2007. She currently works as a creative writer who helps other brand themselves with the correct words. She and Mitch partnered to write Bobby and the Golden Crown after meeting in a networking group called Eliances. Ella enjoys spending time with her husband, Carlo, and creating art.