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Search for the Golden Crown: The Quest Begins

Ever wonder where an idea for a fiction story comes from? In many cases, story ideas come from imagination or real life. Well this story, Bobby and the Golden Crown, was inspired by a true event. That’s right, this really happened! Mitch and his family, wife, Christine, and their two kids, went for a hike on Bell Rock in Sedona, AZ, and came across a golden crown. This unusual find sparked the story, Bobby and the Golden Crown, a science fiction book for everyone to enjoy.¬†On that day, the Bolnick family decided to leave the golden crown where they had found it on Bell Rock. The family went back a few years later to retrieve the crown, but sadly, it was nowhere to be found.

That’s where you come in. With the release of this book, Mitch and Tara need your help in finding the real golden crown which inspire this story, and its owner. If you know anything about the golden crown, please email us at [email protected]

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